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2021 Vol. 4, No. 1
Cover Story:Liu J, Zheng M, Xiong ZJ, Li ZY. 3D dynamic motion of a dielectric micro-sphere within optical tweezers. Opto-Electron Adv 4, 200015 (2021).

Known as laser trapping, optical tweezers, with nanometer accuracy and pico-newton precision, plays a pivotal role in single bio-molecule measurements and controllable motions of micro-machines. In order to advance the flourishing applications for those achievements, it is necessary to make clear the three-dimensional dynamic process of micro-particles stepping into an optical field. In this paper, we utilize the ray optics method to calculate the optical force and optical torque of a micro-sphere in optical tweezers. With the influence of viscosity force and torque taken into account, we numerically solve and analyze the dynamic process of a dielectric micro-sphere in optical tweezers on the basis of Newton mechanical equations under various conditions of initial positions and velocity vectors of the particle. The particle trajectory over time can demonstrate whether the particle can be successfully trapped into the optical tweezers center and reveal the subtle details of this trapping process. Even in a simple pair of optical tweezers, the dielectric micro-sphere exhibits abundant phases of mechanical motions including acceleration, deceleration, and turning. These studies will be of great help to understand the particle-laser trap interaction in various situations and promote exciting possibilities for exploring novel ways to control the mechanical dynamics of microscale particles.
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Online Time:Jan 27, 2021
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Wang YL, Fan QB, Xu T. Design of high efficiency achromatic metalens with large operation bandwidth using bilayer architecture. Opto-Electron Adv 4, 200008 (2021).