The 2018 Annual Meeting of Editorial Board of Opto-Electronic Advances

Opto-Electronic Advances (OEA) sponsored by Institute of Optics and Electronics (IOE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), held the 2018 Annual Meeting of Editorial Board in Chengdu on June 26. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Minghui Hong, Executive Editor-in-chief of OEA, from the National University of Singapore. The people attending the meeting were Prof. Xiangang Luo (Editor-in-Chief of OEA, Vice President of Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), editorial board members including Prof. Min Gu (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia), Dr. Jinghua Teng (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore), Dr. Mohsen Rahmani (The Australian National University, Australia), Prof. Shijie Xu (The University of Hong Kong, China), Prof. Xiangping Li (Jinan University, China), Prof. Zheyu Fang (Peking University, China), Dr. Jiajia Zhou on behalf of Prof. Dayong Jin (University of Technology Sydney, Australia). The meeting also invited Prof. Nicholas Xuanlai Fang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Yongfang Lu (Editor of Tsinghua University Press), as well as some young scholars and editorial staff.

Group photo of attending editorial board 

  Prof. Xiangang Luo, Editor-in-Chief of OEA, gave a welcome speech firstly. Prof. Minghui Hong introduced the profile, history, goals, calling for papers, the current status of the editorial board members in detail, summarized the efforts having been made since the publication of OEA, and made a detailed plan of next quality requirements of manuscripts, editing process, editorial team, publicity promotions, etc..
  The editorial board discussed on how to absorb high quality papers, how to improve the influence of OEA, and how to get high citation. Everyone spoke positively and provided many valuable constructive suggestions. To improve the impact of the OEA, the international standard should be required. The OEA should be focused on the field of optoelectronics, pay more attention to the latest trends in the forefront, strive to achieve excellence and improve international competitiveness.


  At the end of the meeting, Prof. Xiangang Luo, Editor-in-Chief of OEA, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the sponsor to the attending editorial board. He hoped that the OEA would be better and better with the support of editor board members and experts at home and abroad, and become an influential optical journal.