1. The topic of special issue

Optical Data Storage Technology and Its Future

2. Introduction for special issue

The most typical representative of Optical Data Storage Technology (ODST) is optical disc,such as CD, DVD and BD. As the advantages of low cost and long life time, the ODST has been popularized to every household since it is developed from 1980s. In recent years, with the increase of network transfer speed, the optical disc market which has experienced several generations has gradually become depressed. However, in the era of the Big Data cloud storage, the mains data storage methods, such as hard disk, magnetic tape and solid state disk, have the problems of high maintenance cost, high energy consumption, low recording density, short storage life time, slow reading speed and so on. Facing the demand of massive data of long-term and low consumption, the new edge of ODST is coming. The ODST mainly consists of light emitting device, reading and writing optical head device, servo control system device, optical storage material, data transmission system, data codec method, data structure and so on. To explore and develop new ODST, to study its physical mechanism and develop the core technologies will be the important driving force to promote the renewal of this old technology, develop new storage technology market, and continue to innovate and develop. Therefore, Opto-Electronic Engineering plans to launch a special issue on " Optical Data Storage Technology and Its Future" in 2019. The purpose of this special issue is to present innovative ODST and discuss its future development trend based on the review of the core technologies. Hopefully, this special issue will bring something new for the development of ODST.

3. Scope for contributions

1) Review of optical data storage technology
2) Status quo and future perspectives of optical data storage technology
3) Improvement method for optical data storage density
4) Components and materials of optical data storage technology
5) Coding and decode method in optical data storage technology
6) Optical data storage synthetic system and optical disc library
7) Data structure design for optical data storage system
8) High speed parallel data channel technology
9) Other optical data storage technology for big data

4. Specially invited experts

Professor Xiaodi Tan,(tan@bit.edu.cn)
Beijing Institute of Technology

Professor Changsheng Xie,(cs_xie@hust.edu.cn)
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Professor Xiangping Li,(xiangpingli@jnu.edu.cn)
Jinan University

5. Deadline

31 October,2018

6. Method for submission

Register your information on the homepage of Opto-Electronic Engineering (http://www.oejournal.org /J/OEE.html/CN). And then submit your paper at Online Submission and note the title
with 2019 Optical Data Storage. You can download the template for new contri-butions at website of Opto-Electronic Engineering.


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