1. The topic of special issue

Lidar: Technologies and Applications

2. Introduction for special issue

Lidar is a radar system that emits laser beams to detect the position and velocity of a target. Due to the good directionality and energy concentration of laser, lidar detection has much higher precision and resolution. And it plays an important role in military or civilian fields, such as space exploration, ocean and forestry exploration, atmospheric exploration, geological mapping, mobile robots, etc. Lidar technology covers a wide range of fields, such as laser radiation, photoelectric measurement, radiation emission and transmission, target detection, information processing, transmission and display, system integration, manufacturing, etc. Nowadays it has been a hot spot for R&D teams at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the outbreak of the intelligent revolution has brought new opportunities and challenges to lidar. Multi-functional, all-solid, miniaturized, networked and intelligent new lidars will become mainstream, and its application fields are also expanding.
In order to reflect the latest research and progress in the field of technology and application of Lidar, promote academic communication and technological progress, the special issue of "Lidar: Technology and Application" is hereby launched. High level research papers and reviews on relevant fields are both welcome.

3. Scope for contributions

1) Reviews on the research progress of lidar technology
2) Key technologies and devices of lidar
3) Lidar data processing
4) Applications of lidar

4. Specially invited experts

Professor Cai Huaiyu
Tianjin University
Professor Chen Xiaodong
Tianjin University
Professor Shi Yaocheng
Zhejiang University

5. Deadline

28 February, 2019

6. Method for submission

Register your information on the homepage of Opto-Electronic Engineering (http://www.oejournal.org /J/OEE.html/CN). And then submit your paper at Online Submission and note the title
with 2019 Lidar. You can download the template for new contri-butions at website of Opto-Electronic Engineering.


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