Special Issue for Terahertz Imaging Technology and Applications
(Call for papers)


1. The topic of special issue

Terahertz Imaging Technology and Applications

2. Introduction for special issue

Terahertz (THz) radiation, whose frequencies range 0.1 to 10 THz, has the characteristics of low photon energy, excellent biosafety, and good permeability of non-polar substances. It can be used in national defense security, quality detection, biomedical treatment, sample identification and other fields. THz imaging technology takes full advantage of the special characteristics of THz radiation and will be applied in piractice soon. THz digital holography, THz near-field imaging technology, THz tomography technology, and THz compressed sensing imaging technology have already been proposed. This new imaging technology has already applied in security inspection, real-time product quality monitoring and other fields. However, the current THz imaging technology also faces the problems of low resolution and slow imaging speed. Developing new THz imaging devices, exploring new THz imaging technology, overcoming existing difficulties and exploring the application market of THz imaging technology are of great significance to promote the continuous innovation and development of terahertz imaging technology. Therefore, Opto-Electronic Engineering plans to launch research papers on “THz imaging technology and applications” in early 2020. The purpose of this special issue is reviewing the current development of THz imaging technology, discussing the development trend and application prospects of THz imaging technology, showing innovative THz imaging technology, and bringing new ideas to the development of this field.


3. Scope for contributions

1)Status quo and future perspectives of terahertz imaging technology
2)Improvement method for terahertz imaging 
3)Components of terahertz imaging 
4)Terahertz digital holography
5)Compressed sensing for terahertz imaging
6)Near field terahertz imaging
7)Terahertz tomography
8)Applications of terahertz imaging


4. Specially invited experts

Professor Zhang Yan
    Capital Normal University    
Professor Wang Dayong
    Beijing University of Technology    
Professor Zhu Liguo
China Academy of Engineering Physics

5. Deadline

31 September, 2019

6. Method for submission

Register your information on the homepage of Opto-Electronic Engineering (http://www.oejournal.org /J/OEE.html/CN). And then submit your paper at Online Submission and note the title
with '2020 Terahertz'. You can download the template for new contri-butions at website of Opto-Electronic Engineering.


Please contact the OEE editorial office:
Yang Qiming 
Email:oee@ioe.ac.cn, gdgc@ioe.ac.cn