1.  The topic of special issue
Laser Microprocessing & Nanofabrication

2.  Introduction for special issue
Laser, due to its unique characteristics, opens new avenues in materials processing. Laser as a high-precision approach can be applied to achieve material processing in micro- and nano-scale. Traditional laser processing relies on the heat effect between laser and material. The heat effect inevitably causes the roughness of the surface and also decreases the processing precision. With the development of laser techniques,traditional laser processing technique is improved to be used in precision engineering. For example, ultrafast laser, due to its ultrashort pulse width and extremely high peak intensity, can directly transport materials from solid to plasma which reduces the heat effect. Photochemical reaction based excimer laser involves no heat-affected in material processing which avoids the drawbacks of heat effect to further improve the precision of processing.  Laser micro/nano-processing includes cutting, drilling, fs-laser directly writing, laser 3D printing, patterning and fabrication of nanoparticles. In recent years, our nation has shown significant progress on laser microprocessing & nanofabrication, as well as their applications in fabricating micro/nano-devices. Laser processing has become an outstanding processing technology in advanced manufacturing. In order to exhibit the latest progress for further academic communication and promotion of the developments of relative fields, OEE decides to publish a special issue “Laser Microprocessing & Nanofabrication”. Authors are solicited to contribute to submit articles that illustrate new research results or reviews that describe significant advances in the following areas, but are not limited to:

3. Scope for contributions
1)  Laser microprocessing & nanofabrication
2)  Laser surface processing
3)  Laser additive manufacturing
4)  Laser ablation
5)  Laser surface texturing
6)  Laser fabrication of nanoparticles
7)  Laser interference lithography
8)  Femtosecond laser direct writing
9)  Two-photon polymerization
10) Laser nonlinear multiphoton absorption
11) 3D processing of transparent materials
12) Laser fabrication of micro/nano-devices
The issue will include Chinese review papers and research papers (in Chinese or English). We welcome college students, researchers and professors to send your contributions actively.

4. Specially invited expert
Senior engineer  Zhou Rui, Xiamen University

5. Deadline
October 31, 2017

6. Method for Submission
Register your information on the homepage of Opto-Electronic Engineering (www.oee.ac.cn). And then submit your paper at Online Submission and note the title with “2017 Laser Microprocessing & Nanofabrication”. You can download the template for new contributions at website of Opto-Electronic Engineering.

Please contact the OEE editorial office:
Sun Qiuyan, Yang Qiming
Email:oee@ioe.ac.cn, gdgc@ioe.ac.cn