1. The topic of special issue
Theories and Methods of Signal Processing in Fractional Fourier Domain

2. Introduction for special issue
With rapid development of modern signal and information technologies, more and more mathematical tools have been applied to resolve the problems encountered in modern society. Among them, the fractional Fourier domain signal and image processing methods, which includes the fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) linear canonical transform (LCT), and factional calculus (FC), have received much interests in various fields of science and engineering in recent years. The research results have proved them be one of the most powerful signal and image processing tools and  it has become as one of the hottest research topics not only in signal processing community, but also in various other research fields.
The diversity of parameters of these fractional transform methods brings some flexibility in some cases as well as some challenges and problems of their own. For example, how to choose suitable parameters for some specific problems, and the discretization algorithm cannot meet the requirements of many practical situations in terms of speed and accuracy. This special issue is intended to present and discuss the new developments associated with the fractional signal and image processing methods and tools. We will solicit high quality, original research articles as well as review articles focusing on the FRFT, LCT and FC with new theories and applications.

3.Scope for contributions
This special issue welcomes the research and review papers associated with the theory and methods of fractional domain signal processing. Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:
1) The fundamental theories associated with the FRFT, LCT and FC.
2) The theory and methods of sparse signal processing in fractional domain.
3) The graph signal analysis and processing related to the fractional domain signal processing methods.
4) The optoelectronic information representation, analysis and acquiration in fractional signal processing domain.
5) The parameter detection and estimation of non-stationary signals related to the fractional signal processing.
6) The applications of the fractional domain signal processing methods in Radar, Sonar, and communication systems.

4. Specially invited experts
Professor Tao Ran, Beijing Institute of Technology
Professor Qi Lin, Zhengzhou University
Professor Ling Yongquan, Guangdong University of Technology
Professor Deng Bing, Naval Aeronautical University
Professor Li Bingzhao, Beijing Institute of Technology

5. Deadline
December 31, 2017

6. Method for submission
Register your information on the homepage of Opto-Electronic Engineering (www.oee.ac.cn). And then submit your paper at Online Submission and note the title with “2018 Signal Processing in Fractional Fourier Domain”. You can download the template for new contributions at website of Opto-Electronic Engineering.
Please contact the OEE editorial office:
Sun Qiuyan,      Yang Qiming
Email:oee@ioe.ac.cn, gdgc@ioe.ac.cn